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Monday, March 29, 2010

Infertility, adoption, and kiddos (part 9)

If you'd like a refresher or just need to catch up, go HERE, HERE, HERE , HERE ,HERE , HERE , HERE and HERE. (Now THAT is getting to be a long list. I'll try and finish this up in just one or two more parts so you won't get tired of catching up!)

I had just found out I wasn't pregnant after our second IVF cycle following JMonster. I cried for a few days, wiped my tears, and moved on.

On July 14th we went to dinner with some friends at a restaurant in Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. This is THE know, where you go to see celebrities and other rich and famous people?

I started feeling bad toward the end of dinner. Just a minor stomach ache, nothing too bad. JMonster was getting antsy so our friend Stacey and I took him to walk around the mall.

The longer we walked, the worse the pain got. In fact, I told her to take JMonster back to the restaurant and get The Rev. Something was wrong...

I sat down on a bench to wait. The pain hit me in waves.

I laid down on the bench.

People started staring as I moaned and held my stomach.

The Rev came and our friends went and got the car. They pulled up outside a nearby exit and I climbed in. The pain had subsided somewhat so I decided to call The Doc rather than just head straight to the ER.

He said I probably had a cyst on my ovary and it ruptured. Take some pain meds and I should be need for the ER.

We headed home and I went to the restroom. And that's when I noticed the blood.

I called The Doc. I called my ob/gyn office.

The ob/gyn office said pretty much the same thing The Doc had back at the mall.

The Doc said I'd be fine.

Then he called back...

"Take a pregnancy test."

"I'm NOT pregnant!"

"Just humor me..."

So The Rev and our friend Phil ran to the store and bought a pregnancy test.


I have to say that the last thing you want to see when you're feeling THIS bad is PREGNANT on a digital pregnancy test. Especially when The Doc is concerned about an ectopic...

He told me not to panic, but to get to an emergency room.

So I did.

Thank goodness for Phil and Stacey! They stayed with JMonster throughout the night.

Miscarriage. Again.

The doc on call for my ob/gyn office didn't even bother to come in to the ER! Told me over the phone and said for me to come in on Monday and follow up. (tongue stuck out for a raspberry)

It's a funny feeling to have a miscarriage when you don't even think you're pregnant.

I went in Monday and had more blood work...just to be sure my numbers were going down.

They weren't. They didn't quite double, but almost. That's what they expect when you're pregnant, not having a miscarriage! Was it possible? Could I really be pregnant? I had a hard time letting myself get my hope up...

So I ended up at the ob/gyn's office several days that week for bloodwork and ultrasounds. In the end they realized I WAS pregnant, but it was on my ovary. Or so they think. There was something on there, but it was hard to see and my numbers were going up but not fast enough for them to indicate a healthy, viable pregnancy.

We decided that a methotrexate shot was the best course for ending the pregnancy. Here I was, wanting to be pregnant, and we were doing something to stop a pregnancy. Felt surreal.

The numbers finally went down and they declared me healthy.

STILL down to just two frozen embryos, but a lot more to think about...


Baloney said...

Yuck. That is not a good feeling.

Swizz said...

Baloney, Somehow you always know the right thing to say. ;o)

And you're right, it was NOT a good feeling.