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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Infertility, Adoption, and kiddos (part 2)

Awhile back I began the story of JMonster and our road through infertility. It was just a teaser, really, so I thought I'd go back and continue the story. If you don't remember, or you are new here, go HERE to catch up!

About 1.5 years after we were married The Rev and I decided we were ready to be parents so we did the usual thing people do...we stopped using birth control. Nothing serious at this point, but we thought if it happens then it happens.

Nothing happened. We didn't worry at first...we knew the road M and her husband had had to go down.

We started charting. We started using those little ovulation kits.


During this time we moved to Atlanta and were busy with life there. We were still trying. Still using the kits. Still not worried.

We talked with my ob/gyn (mind you, we'd talked with EVERY doctor I'd ever had.). He said when we were ready, he'd jump on board with whatever we wanted.

And still we waited...for 4 years...

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