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Friday, July 31, 2009

Missional Monday

Yeah, yeah. I missed another Monday. So sue me! (Just kidding. This is my guilt talking, and it tends to speak in sarcasm to deflect any TRUE feelings. Sorry!)

This is the second non-profit we are looking at supporting with a portion of our profits from Twice as Nice Boutique. We've found a 3rd prospect, so I'll post on them next...time! :o)

This week's Missional Monday focus is on:

Since 1988, Still Creek Ranch has served children and families either in residence or through outreach services. We are located 15 miles from Bryan, Texas on 275 acres of Ranch Land.

We accept children from all over Texas and around the world. Twenty-six children live in cottages at our two facilities: Still Creek Boys Ranch and Still Creek Girls Ranch. The boys and girls ages 8-18 grow up in a Christ-centered, structured environment and enjoy a private Christian education and a variety of vocational, spiritual and extra-curricular activites. We give children a hope and a future.

Still Creek Ranch operates strictly by donations. We receive no state, federal, government grants or United Way funding. Through the generousity of committed partners like you, individuals, corporations, foundations, civic groups, and churches, Still Creek Ranch is able to meet the needs for its programs.

If you are interested in donating, go HERE to help!

Please take some time and check out this wonderful organization on their website! See if their mission can help you match your passion with your purpose.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Twice as Nice!

My twin sister and I are starting a new business. In light of my need for money, and being denied the ability to teach swimming lessons (more on that in another post...all I can say is URG!), we are becoming entrepreneurs and starting our own company.

(drum roll, please!)

TWICE AS NICE BOUTIQUE: Unique and Custom Apparel, Accessories and Decor. We will include monogramming, baby items and clothing, children's clothing, sibling clothing, women's clothing, pet items, home decor, and holiday items and clothing. Possibly sorority/fraternity items?

We are VERY excited! We've purchased our website space and now need to get it designed. I'm thinking of using iWeb...has anyone used it and had good results? We're also looking to get a logo going. Hopefully for free. ;o)

I will definitely keep you updated on how we are progressing. Please give me any and all suggestions/comments about what you think our website should include, look like, etc as well as our merchandise. THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Texas Tornadoes

Here in Central Texas we've been PRAYING for rain. We've gone some ridiculous 100 days without rain (or close to it) and the water bill was over $100. Whew, has it been dry!

This week, though, brought an end to the dry spell. Mind you, we still only got sprinkles here at our house, but the area was hit with thunderstorms and tornadic weather.

Here is a pic of a tornado (okay, not technically a tornado according to the National Weather Service since there is no proof it touched down) that was spotted a few miles from the house:

We spent a couple of hours in the hall hanging out with all 4 kiddos waiting for the bad weather (which, mind you, never made it to us but hit with FLOODING just over a mile away. Seriously, it sprinkled here.). The kiddos were LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, and generally didn't take to hanging out in a hallway very well. Oh well, we're safe! We'll just have to plan better for next time.

And being in Texas, you know there WILL be a next time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Missional Monday

Yes, this post is being posted on Tuesday and dated on Monday. And yes, I've missed multiple Mondays. But I PROMISE I'm going to start being better about posting Missional Mondays and just plain posting in general. Thanks to all of you for being so patient!

This week's Missional Monday is focused on the area of Bryan/College Station, home of Texas A&M! It is...

A world in which all individuals and families have opportunity for hope, acceptance, and stability, in a safe and caring environment.

Twin City Mission will accomplish its Vision through programs addressing: homelessness; violence and abuse; family conflict; youth in crisis; life skills deficiencies; and poverty.

Twin City Mission Capital Campaign

On June 3rd, 2008, Twin City Mission officially launched the "Because You Care...We Can" Capital Campaign. The public launch followed nearly a year of forming committees, conducting a silent phase of solicitation and building a public awareness campaign.


(click Book at left for Special Event Fundraiser information)

Go to their website to get information on the following ways to help out:



Around Town Article - April 1, 2009

Please take some time and check out this wonderful organization on their website! See if their mission can help you match your passion with your purpose.

FYI: My twin sister and I are starting a new business (I'll post about it soon!) and this is one of two organizations we are looking to support with a percentage of our profits. I'll cover the other one next Monday!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some people are so bitter, they don't even like chocolate...

When you move into a new neighborhood, you dream about neighbors showing up on your doorstep with a plate of brownies and a bottle of wine. An invitation to dinner, perhaps? Or even an invite to play tennis or a round of golf.

After moving into what is supposed to be OUR new neighborhood (yes, I'm living with my sister and her family, but we own property just around the corner) I've been welcomed by the neighborhood grinch.

Those swimming lessons I was teaching? Helping people so their kiddos would be safe in the pool? No more.

A lady, who will remain nameless (since I don't actually KNOW her name) has glared at me from day one as I work ONE on ONE with a student in the pool. I know, I know, I MUST be in her way with 5 or 6 kids at a time! Nope, just me and ONE SMALL CHILD. Now she has complained and the head of our HOA has "taken it to the board" (who happens to be the head of the HOA, her partner, and the developer) and has also taken the matter to the neighborhood counsel (read attorney), as well as the insurance adjuster.

Until further notice, I may no longer teach swimming lessons in the neighborhood pool. Never mind that I'm a property owner and that most of my students are residents. Never mind that I'm actually making it so that more of the kiddos that live in the neighborhood are swimmers and less likely to drown. Never mind that there are MANY parents in the neighborhood that use me or local lifeguards to teach their kids here so they won't have to drive to a city pool.

ONE grumpy grouchy senior citizen, who complains about everything, complained. Now my extra income, WHICH WE NEED RIGHT NOW, is gone. (I have been offered a backyard pool for the time being, I think. Hopefully that will work out!)

I know it wasn't the Christian thing to do, but we packed up all 4 kids and called several friends and their kids and went swimming at 8:00 this morning...this lady's usual workout time. She's been upset about me working with ONE kid? I'll bring 10 and we'll play loudly and make lots of splashes. Bring it on.