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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School (Pre-K 4)

Here is today in a nutshell:

Except, really, it was WAY better than this.  
We took a trip to the pet store after we finished and had a great impromptu Science lesson!
Held a snake.  Almost held poisonous tree frogs and scorpions.
(I think we'll pass, thank you very much!)
And had a blast with a chameleon.

And yes, each picture face was all his own idea.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Homeschooling BEGINS!

Say a little prayer for me, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the official start of...


In the Swizz household.


I've been laminating.

I've been organizing.

JMonster is excited.

And now it is time...


(I'll post pics and an update after we have our first official day.)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Rev!

to my life-mate...
my best friend...
The father of JMonster...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel!

And it is NOT a train!

I sent out this email today, and boy do I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders:

Dear Swizz's swimmers...
This is the LAST week of official swimming lessons for the year!  I will start homeschooling my little boy next week and am looking forward to a great fall. 

For those of you who are interested in not losing those summer skills, I am offering a winter program!  One or two "maintenance" lessons a month for as long as the water stays warm enough.  If you are interested in the winter maintenance program, let me know.  I will publish available dates and times, and those will be treated on a first come, first choice basis.

I have really enjoyed working with each and every swimmer this summer!  Thank you for trusting me with your biggest blessings!



Monday, August 23, 2010

Temps outside...

I'm getting ready to go teach swimming lessons in a few minutes.  I have NO desire to be outside, even in a pool, when the weather is like this:

The water in the pool is going to feel like a hot tub.  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Even more fun Over Dinner!

After discovering dog food in several places it does not belong, 
we now believe there is a mouse in the house. 

Upon hearing this, JMonster starts whispering at dinner, 

"We should put mouse traps ALL over the house." 

"Why are you whispering?" 

"So the mouse won't hear me!"

After that he start squeaking and says, "I speak Mouse English!"

Four is such a fun age!  You never know what you will hear Over Dinner...

We put out some "humane" mouse traps.  While watching television we hear one of them being moved.

Three of us adults go running to check if we have caught a mouse.

No mouse.

We open the coat closet and peek inside.

No mouse.

We poke at the coats.

Dog food comes raining down out of the coats!  A bit like Chip and Dale, the Disney chipmunks!

We then search a bit more and find even MORE dog food hidden in out of the way places.

Now it is ON to find this little mouse.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Over Dinner...

For dinner we ate pasta with a deer sausage meat sauce.  It was delicious!

I am now listening to JMonster and The Rev as they converse in the shower:

"Daddy, why did they kill the reindeer?"

"No one killed the reindeer."

"We can't eat reindeer cuz that's what pulls Santa Claus's sleigh!"

"We didn't eat Santa Claus's reindeer.  It was just a deer."


All of this following the conversation we had while he was sitting on the potty:

"Mommy, I need to not eat too much."

"Oh really?  Why do you need to not eat too much?"

"So I won't get a tummy ache.  A eats too fast.  Tell him to not eat so fast."

"A does eat too fast, but he doesn't eat too much.  We don't give you too much food."

"He always eats too fast and finishes before we all do.
I don't want him to get dessert before the rest of us!"

JMonster has been very concerned lately about getting fat.  
And exercising.  
And not eating too much.  
And not drinking sugary drinks.  
To the point that I've actually been concerned.

Maybe this explains it just a little...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama and the New York City Mosque

I haven't written anything politically oriented lately.  I've been so overwhelmed with summer, and the amount of ugly politics, that I've just buried my head and held my breath.

I just HAVE to weigh in on this one, though. 

And my response probably won't be what you think it will...

There is a part of me, the part that loves America and what it was founded on, that believes that Obama was right to say what he did during the Ramadan speech this week.  We ARE a country founded on religious freedom.  We ARE a country that believes in individual liberty.  And if a group of religious Muslims own the piece of property in question, they should be able to build a religious building there.

HOWEVER...I think Obama weenied out when he didn't say DURING THAT SPEECH that he did not believe it was right to build the mosque there.

And I believe that if the individuals who own the property are truly following who they know their god to be, they WOULD NOT build the mosque there.  Out of respect.  Out of a godly love.

Just my two cents...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Twitter and Facebook Hackers

The Rev's Twitter account was hacked tonight.  The hacker made a vulgar tweet which then ended up on The Rev's Twitter page as well as his Facebook page.

What I want to know is...WHY do people do this!?!

Is it someone he knows that broke into his account?

If so, what purpose was there?

If not, how did they break in?

I just don't get it!

Do you?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer vacation 2010 in Parts...Part 4, The Rest of the Story

Wow, it has taken me a LONG time to get around to doing this.  So sorry!  
I AM still a Prisoner of Summer 2010, though.  
For all of you who have been waiting is the rest of our vacation.   
In pictures!

So what did we do for the rest of our trip?

Lots more swimming!

A trip to Disneyland...

A trip to Redondo Beach and the Redondo Beach Pier...

(I took MANY of these trying to get the perfect group shot...this is the best I got!)

We celebrated my "little" sister's birthday...
she's 5 ' 10", I'm 5' 2"...

We hung out at my brother's house and at the resort and enjoyed the family.  

We had a FABULOUS Vacation 2010!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday pics...

I promise to get back to posting about our vacation...even if just to finish it up!  I also promise to get back to posting regularly very soon.  In the meantime, here are some pics from my birthday!
Cute new shirt!
JMonster picked out CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS...his idea!
Twin Sister "M" opening her related, of course!
Hibachi cooking...we could feel the heat from 2 tables over!
It is SO fun for them to cook right there at your table!  Even made a volcano!
JMonster's first attempt at chopsticks AND shrimp.  Both went well...
They SING for your birthday.  They also play the drum for you.  The timing was off, can't you tell by our faces below?
At least they tried!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME....& My Twin Sis! (And now Ocho)

Today is my 38th Birthday!
I'm getting ever so close to 40...
And LOVING it!

(And a big Happy Birthday to my niece, Ocho, who is turning 2 as well!)

We plan to celebrate with our families at a local water park, eat out, and then eat Boston Cream Pie!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Something funny JMonster said...

You just HAVE to write down when a little one says something funny.  Especially when it is so funny it makes you cry.  This one may have been a bit situational...and familial...but it is funny to me and it IS my blog! :o)

Preface-  Tonight, as we were getting JMonster ready for bed, he announced he needed to use the restroom.  Since that takes awhile The Rev decided to hop in the shower so he'd be clean for "snuggle time".

The story- JMonster, now sitting on the potty, says, "Mommy, did Daddy write down all of my message?"

Me (sitting on his stool, waiting for his business to be taken care of)- "Message?  What message?  What did it say?"

JM- In a voice letting you know he is giving dictation, "I know you are getting old, and..."

Me- "WHO is getting old?"  Not that I'm sensitive or anything, but my birthday is on Sunday and I thought maybe he had been dictating his card to me earlier.

JM- "MeMe is.  She is having bleeds like GMa."  (Mom, I don't know WHAT he is talking about.  Remember...he is FOUR!)

JM again- "Daddy?  DID you get my message down?"

The Rev- "Buddy, what message is that?"  (Remember, he is in the shower and not hearing all of this.)

JM- (Same voice of dictation as before.)  "Don't even THINK about touching that ejection button!  Woosh!"  (Acting like he is pushing the button)

The Rev- "Hmmm...I'm not sure MeMe will LIKE that message!"

JM- "This message will self-destruct in..."

Me...rolling on the floor laughing.  You can't imaging the TIMING of this interaction.  The kid has talent!  Some professional comedians don't have the skill this little one has. 

P.S.- Every picture I looked at to crop as a close-up for this had JMonster with food all over his face.  Hmmm...what does that say?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer vacation 2010 in Parts...Part 3, Hollywood Bowl

If you've never been to the Hollywood Bowl, it is a magical place.  
Built into the canyons of the Hollywood Hills, it is an outdoor ampitheatre 
with the Hollywood sign as a backdrop.  
This visit, we went to see Looney Tunes!  
It started at 8:30pm Pacific time, which is 10:30pm Central time, 
which is HOURS past the kids bedtimes.  
They all managed to stay awake (except 1) for the entire program, as well as the final fireworks.  
All in all, it was a blast!
Bugs: "Duck season!"
Daffy: "Wabbit season!"
Bugs: "Duck season!"
Daffy: "Wabbit season!"
Bugs: "Duck season!!"
Daffy: "Wabbit season!!"
Bugs: (reversing the flow) "Wabbit season!"
Daffy: "Duck season!!!"
Bugs: "Wabbit season!!!"
Daffy: "I say it's duck season, and I say, fire!"
Yes, the kids have been saying those lines...over, and over, and over...
That's All Folks!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer vacation 2010 in Parts...Part 2, Legoland

The day after we arrived in California, we woke up (not very) early and headed south toward San Diego and LEGOLAND!  If you've never been there (and we hadn't!), it is a must for the 8 and under crowd.  And with the new water park...there's something for everyone!

There's a water park portion (did I mention that!?!) so we didn't get many pictures.  
Water and cameras just don't mix! 

The kids went to "driving school"...

We learned how to fly...

Made "cheesy" grins!

And brought the rain with us!! (Yes, it thunder stormed at Legoland, San Diego...where it NEVER storms except when a group from Texas shows up and brings it with us.)