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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School (Pre-K 4)

Here is today in a nutshell:

Except, really, it was WAY better than this.  
We took a trip to the pet store after we finished and had a great impromptu Science lesson!
Held a snake.  Almost held poisonous tree frogs and scorpions.
(I think we'll pass, thank you very much!)
And had a blast with a chameleon.

And yes, each picture face was all his own idea.


Sandra said...

In my house the pictures would have included a child in tears! haha
Good idea by-passing the poisonous frog and scorpion hands-on lesson!

Swizz said...

Sandra, thanks for stopping by! No tears here, but that's just because we're homeschooling and he doesn't realize it really is school, yet.

Anonymous said...

Stopped by from your brother's site ("MD in Philly" here).

Enjoyed the quotes from your son. When our oldest was little, his favorite food was "corn on the hob and chicken on the bone" (drumsticks).

We've decided on school from year to year with our children, with multiple factors considered each year. We have home schooled, private Christian schooled, public schooled, public cyber charter schooled.

Have a good year.

Swizz said...

MD in Philly,
Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure, by now, you have figured out that I AM Patterico's little sister.

I appreciate what you said about making comments on Patterico's site. Most of the time we can make comments safely, but there have been a time or two when I did and then regretted it because of the response. Patterico let them have it and reminded them who I was, but in truth...who I am in relation to Patterico shouldn't matter. I should be able to make a comment and have the idea critiqued, not me.

Feel free to stop by whenever you feel like it! I'm not quite as political as Patterico...we like to have fun around here, but I do delve into politics every once in awhile.