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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well, folks...

my shoulder surgery is complete!

Last Friday my amazing ortho surgeon removed the end of my acromion bone.

The amazing anesthesiologist inserted a 3 day nerve block 
which my sweet sister removed yesterday.

And now I am loopy on the good stuff.

Here are some pics from the surgery:

Sorry for the quality!  Scanner isn't hooked up so I took a pic...

Tomorrow is my follow up appointment.

I should hear about physical therapy, etc...

In the meantime I intend to go enjoy these meds!

(How's my one-handed typing?)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We interrupt this break...

I know, I know!

Where have you been, Swizz?

Sitting on my tush eating bon-bons.

(I wish!)

So, a little update for all of you:

I got my scopes done.
(I'll have to show you the pics someday soon.  
They're cool!  
And tell you how funny my sister thinks I was after anesthesia!)

Biopsies came back normal.

Had a follow up appointment with shoulder doc.

Scheduled surgery.

Yep, I am having shoulder surgery Friday morning to get rid of the tip of my acromion bone.
You see, it rubs on my rotator cuff.
This causes tendonitis.

We finished our Classical Conversations last week...thank goodness for homeschooling!

So I will try my best to post about:
Our ski vacation,
Cool pics of my insides,
EASTER "camping" trip,
Homeschooling updates,
and my general thoughts and feelings on the political state of our country.

In the meantime...
Please PRAY for my surgery!

I'm skeered of pain!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Santorum Stops Campaign and...

Santorum stopped his campaign and...

it made me (pull my head out of the sand and ) go look him up

to figure out who he is and why he needed to drop his campaign for his sweet little girl.


I like the guy!

I read his stances on the issues, and from what I can see I agree with him.


I finally find a candidate I think I can truly stand behind

and now he isn't a candidate anymore.

You may resume your regularly scheduled activities...