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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do you know this man?

Can you identify this man?

 He showed up at my house asking where the train station was.

 He seems a bit suspicious to me.

And a bit familiar...

Monday, March 28, 2011 Associate!

Hey friends!

See that little box over there on the left?

The one that says AMAZON?

Please use it!

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1.  It will NOT cost you a penny!  
You'll get the same deal you would going straight to their site.

2.  They give ME money!  This will help me a TON!
(Think $$ for infertility, homeschooling, moving out of my sister's house...)

3.  If enough people use it, I just might do a give-away of an Amazon gift card.


Sam's Hockey Game!

Yesterday we went to cousin Sam's hockey game.

JMonster had been to the Aggie game, but the other kiddos had never been to a game.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Science Day!

Yesterday we attended the Physics and Engineering 
Festival at Texas A&M University.  
I know, we're nerds!  But it was a ton of fun!

Not sure what we're waiting for!  (We just arrived...)
Oh, THAT is what we were waiting for!  Blowing stuff up is cool AND we got wet!

Bottle Rocket!
"Mommy, can we make one of those at home?"
"A" on a bike with square wheels.



They had me take a picture...we could see a picture on the wheel in real life, but they told us it was just our brains tricking us.  Guess they were right!

Making a water fountain without a pump!

Laser show!

Look, Ma!  No feet!

It's squishy!
 (JMonster wouldn't TOUCH the stuff!)

All in all, a FABULOUS day!  
Homeschooling at its finest!

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Ideal Evening in Our Backyard

We had a "family night" in the backyard tonight.

Roasted hotdogs.

The kids swam.

Sat by the pool with our feet in the water.


4 little monsters sitting on a bridge...

Slaying the dragon?  Or a wizard putting a spell on The Doc?

The Rev in his usual state!

I was there! I turned the camera around and took a self portrait to prove it. :o) 

Banana boat...mmmm!

The fire is done!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Popping My Head Out of the Sand...

For just a brief moment I popped my head up out of the sand.  
Shook the sand out of my ears.  
Looked around and heard...

The thing going on in Libya is not a war.  We are not at war with Libya.  It is a "kinetic military action".


Wouldn't it be better to admit you were wrong about the need for war than to look like so idiotic!?!

I'm not one to only think in black and white.

There are definitely many shades of gray.

But Clinton had SEX...

and this is WAR!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

JMonster's 5th Birthday Party (in pics!)

F.I.V.E. Spy Agency
(Federal Investigators of Various Enemies)
Undercover spies!

A Secret Agent and his "girl"!

Preparing for the "Spy Training Video"

Mmm....candy & popcorn!

This is our training!?!

SPY KIDS the movie!

Spy Kids in Action!

Happy Birthday Agent JMonster!

Members of the F.I.V.E Spy Agency

Every spy needs his own ride...