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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big Science Day!

Yesterday we attended the Physics and Engineering 
Festival at Texas A&M University.  
I know, we're nerds!  But it was a ton of fun!

Not sure what we're waiting for!  (We just arrived...)
Oh, THAT is what we were waiting for!  Blowing stuff up is cool AND we got wet!

Bottle Rocket!
"Mommy, can we make one of those at home?"
"A" on a bike with square wheels.



They had me take a picture...we could see a picture on the wheel in real life, but they told us it was just our brains tricking us.  Guess they were right!

Making a water fountain without a pump!

Laser show!

Look, Ma!  No feet!

It's squishy!
 (JMonster wouldn't TOUCH the stuff!)

All in all, a FABULOUS day!  
Homeschooling at its finest!

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backwoods conservative said...

Nerdy is as nerdy does.