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Monday, March 21, 2011

In March?

Got my first call about swimming lessons today.

Now, I have been thinking about whether I'm going to teach this summer or not.

And I have come up with a plan.

Teach less hours.  Charge more money.

Good plan?

But I have to admit I wasn't expecting anyone to call me YET!

The water is still only 70 degrees!


This is what 70 degrees feels like in the water!  And yes, this is the pool I will be teaching in.  Great, huh?


I'm still not over my Spring Break lethargy.


Sarah @ said...

Seriously, I think my blood froze solid just looking at that.

Swizz said...

Sarah, thank you for stopping by! Don't know if you are a frequent reader or just happened to find us, but please feel welcome to stay and visit!