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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Food Allergy Lethargy: A not so gentle reminder

Today was a bad day.

It was also a good day.

It had the possibility of being a tragic day.

After church this morning, JMonster asked if he could have a cookie.

"I don't know, buddy.  I'm not sure what's in them."

So we asked.

And I gave.

One plain Oreo.  One mint fudge covered Oreo.

We then left and went to Chuy's for lunch.


While we were there JMonster started complaining about a tummy ache.
REALLY complaining.
So I took him to the bathroom.
(It didn't help.)

We got back to the table just as our food was served.
He moaned.
He groaned.
He said he felt horrible.

So...what do you do?  
I asked the waitress to bring us boxes and we packed up our food and went home.

When we got home he got restless.
Very restless.

He wouldn't eat.
He started crying...HARD.

My sister came home and tried to listen to his breathing.
Sounded clear.

The Doc came home and felt his belly.
Felt all right.

Went to give him some tummy meds and he started sneezing.

SO I gave him some Benadryl.

In the meantime his face turned red.
His cheeks got swollen.
He started sneezing uncontrollably.
He was wheezing, and crying, and snotting, and swelling.
(My poor baby!)

We sat and snuggled for a bit.
He started to itch.


After about 30 minutes it all calmed down a bit.
(I didn't!)

His rash stayed around, but his nose and face got much better.

It took awhile to dawn on me...the cookies.
SO I looked up the mint Oreos.
Manufactured in a plant that also processes peanuts and tree nuts.

And he is now asleep in my bed.
There because I'm fearful he will start to react again, because they can you know.

So this is your reminder:
Don't let them eat ANYTHING 
you don't know  
for a fact 
is safe.

I was lucky today.
Next time I might not be.

Thank. You. God.