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Funny Things JMonster Says!

When discussing bees and that there are queen bees, but no king bees.  "So, they have a QUEENDOM then?"  Very smart my boy!

Mommy, Flower (his cousin) wants to marry me. But we're supposed to marry someone who isn't in our family, right? Someone who we don't already live with, right?

Eydi is my ACTIVE girlfriend. That means I have another girlfriend and her. My other girlfriend is in Atlanta. I don't remember her name...

In response to the question of which kind of ice cream he wanted, chocolate or chocolate, "I think I want OR chocolate!" Now where did he get that sense of humor?

"I think I'm old enough to eat corn on the hog now! I'm a big boy!" Corn on the cob never sounded so...funny!

"What time it is?" He loves to wear my watch and tell me what time it is, but then will ask what time is it...backwards. Can't bring myself to correct him on this one!

"MeMe is sick. She broke her ribbons again. I think it was a yellow ribbon this time!" Jmonster's MeMe broke some ribs a few months ago. He must have been evesdropping on a phone conversation and this is what he took from it! By the way, she has NOT broken more ribs As Far As I Know!

"Mommy, I am the ME and you are the you." Emphasis ALL his!

"Look, Mommy! I'm binking!" while holding one eye closed. For all of you that don't speak preschooler, that's a cross between winking and blinking...binking.

"I'm sick Mommy...I have The Issues." Try to keep a straight face when your kid says THAT to you! Later that night when giving him some medicine for his cough and a throat strip, he mumbled in his sleep, "Thank you. That gives me The Energies." The Energies for The Issues...hmmm...

After basically ignoring any and all instructions from his swim instructor, JMonster announced in the car on the way home, "I don't LIKE listening and obeying!" Ohhh....REALLY? I would have never guessed.

"I'm going to get on my space ship and fly to space, Mommy!" 10 or 15 seconds pass. "Okay, I'm back!"

"I'm never going to get married. I want to stay happy." (Not sure what this says about our marriage!)

JMonster is almost 6 and he still calls the yolk of an egg the OAK.  And he dislikes OAK greatly! 

"Like Baby,  baby, baby, OH!  That's Justin Beaver!" 

After driving around town for over an hour with a screwdriver sitting on my back bumper, JMonster announces, "That screwdriver must be why your car is all jacked up!"  Huh!?!  Where did he learn THAT Rev?