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Friday, August 6, 2010

Something funny JMonster said...

You just HAVE to write down when a little one says something funny.  Especially when it is so funny it makes you cry.  This one may have been a bit situational...and familial...but it is funny to me and it IS my blog! :o)

Preface-  Tonight, as we were getting JMonster ready for bed, he announced he needed to use the restroom.  Since that takes awhile The Rev decided to hop in the shower so he'd be clean for "snuggle time".

The story- JMonster, now sitting on the potty, says, "Mommy, did Daddy write down all of my message?"

Me (sitting on his stool, waiting for his business to be taken care of)- "Message?  What message?  What did it say?"

JM- In a voice letting you know he is giving dictation, "I know you are getting old, and..."

Me- "WHO is getting old?"  Not that I'm sensitive or anything, but my birthday is on Sunday and I thought maybe he had been dictating his card to me earlier.

JM- "MeMe is.  She is having bleeds like GMa."  (Mom, I don't know WHAT he is talking about.  Remember...he is FOUR!)

JM again- "Daddy?  DID you get my message down?"

The Rev- "Buddy, what message is that?"  (Remember, he is in the shower and not hearing all of this.)

JM- (Same voice of dictation as before.)  "Don't even THINK about touching that ejection button!  Woosh!"  (Acting like he is pushing the button)

The Rev- "Hmmm...I'm not sure MeMe will LIKE that message!"

JM- "This message will self-destruct in..."

Me...rolling on the floor laughing.  You can't imaging the TIMING of this interaction.  The kid has talent!  Some professional comedians don't have the skill this little one has. 

P.S.- Every picture I looked at to crop as a close-up for this had JMonster with food all over his face.  Hmmm...what does that say?


Ash said...

Someone watching "G Force?"

LOVE their creative minds.

Swizz said...

G-Force...that MUST be it! That and a few others that are inspector related. ;o)