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Friday, July 31, 2009

Missional Monday

Yeah, yeah. I missed another Monday. So sue me! (Just kidding. This is my guilt talking, and it tends to speak in sarcasm to deflect any TRUE feelings. Sorry!)

This is the second non-profit we are looking at supporting with a portion of our profits from Twice as Nice Boutique. We've found a 3rd prospect, so I'll post on them next...time! :o)

This week's Missional Monday focus is on:

Since 1988, Still Creek Ranch has served children and families either in residence or through outreach services. We are located 15 miles from Bryan, Texas on 275 acres of Ranch Land.

We accept children from all over Texas and around the world. Twenty-six children live in cottages at our two facilities: Still Creek Boys Ranch and Still Creek Girls Ranch. The boys and girls ages 8-18 grow up in a Christ-centered, structured environment and enjoy a private Christian education and a variety of vocational, spiritual and extra-curricular activites. We give children a hope and a future.

Still Creek Ranch operates strictly by donations. We receive no state, federal, government grants or United Way funding. Through the generousity of committed partners like you, individuals, corporations, foundations, civic groups, and churches, Still Creek Ranch is able to meet the needs for its programs.

If you are interested in donating, go HERE to help!

Please take some time and check out this wonderful organization on their website! See if their mission can help you match your passion with your purpose.

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