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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Texas Tornadoes

Here in Central Texas we've been PRAYING for rain. We've gone some ridiculous 100 days without rain (or close to it) and the water bill was over $100. Whew, has it been dry!

This week, though, brought an end to the dry spell. Mind you, we still only got sprinkles here at our house, but the area was hit with thunderstorms and tornadic weather.

Here is a pic of a tornado (okay, not technically a tornado according to the National Weather Service since there is no proof it touched down) that was spotted a few miles from the house:

We spent a couple of hours in the hall hanging out with all 4 kiddos waiting for the bad weather (which, mind you, never made it to us but hit with FLOODING just over a mile away. Seriously, it sprinkled here.). The kiddos were LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, and generally didn't take to hanging out in a hallway very well. Oh well, we're safe! We'll just have to plan better for next time.

And being in Texas, you know there WILL be a next time.


Kim said...

Swizz you are back! Glad you guys are a ok!

Baloney said...