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Monday, July 20, 2009

Missional Monday

Yes, this post is being posted on Tuesday and dated on Monday. And yes, I've missed multiple Mondays. But I PROMISE I'm going to start being better about posting Missional Mondays and just plain posting in general. Thanks to all of you for being so patient!

This week's Missional Monday is focused on the area of Bryan/College Station, home of Texas A&M! It is...

A world in which all individuals and families have opportunity for hope, acceptance, and stability, in a safe and caring environment.

Twin City Mission will accomplish its Vision through programs addressing: homelessness; violence and abuse; family conflict; youth in crisis; life skills deficiencies; and poverty.

Twin City Mission Capital Campaign

On June 3rd, 2008, Twin City Mission officially launched the "Because You Care...We Can" Capital Campaign. The public launch followed nearly a year of forming committees, conducting a silent phase of solicitation and building a public awareness campaign.


(click Book at left for Special Event Fundraiser information)

Go to their website to get information on the following ways to help out:



Around Town Article - April 1, 2009

Please take some time and check out this wonderful organization on their website! See if their mission can help you match your passion with your purpose.

FYI: My twin sister and I are starting a new business (I'll post about it soon!) and this is one of two organizations we are looking to support with a percentage of our profits. I'll cover the other one next Monday!


backwoods conservative said...

I've recently benefited from the efforts of a charitable endeavor. One of the Salkehatchie Camps spent a week doing some repair work on my house. The Salkehatchie Camps operate in NC, SC and GA. It's a Christian organization that gets young people involved in doing home repair for people who cannot afford to hire someone to do it.

They gave me a new roof, rescreened and painted my front porch, replaced some damaged ceilings, and jacked up and braced some sagging floors. I had about a dozen young people and adults here for a week and they were all such a joy to be around that I hated to see them leave.

I know an organization that will be very high on my list of places to donate to when my financial situation improves.

Swizz said...

Let me know the official name of the organization and I can do a Missional Monday on them! It would be in 2 weeks...

What a wonderful testament to God's love through those young people.

You still haven't gotten your "free" house from the administration, yet? Me neither. I'm waiting! ;o)

backwoods conservative said...

Here's their website.

Kim said...

Swizz, I loved Same Kind of Different As Me! I couldn't put it down. I've heard Ron Hall and Denver Moore speak. They are incredible! Our church does work with Union Gospel too. I love what they do cause not only do they take people in, but train them to get jobs and try to get back on their feet. Amazing!

Baloney said...

That is one of the best books/stories ever!