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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Germs, germs and MORE germs!

We seem to have a problem in our house. The kids are sharing. YIPPEE!! But, the only thing they share without fuss...


JMonster has a nasty cough. He's had it for awhile now. This following a sinus infection which followed him having some sort of virus or other for over 2 months. That's right, TWO MONTHS.

His cousin Flower also has the cruddy cough.

His cousin A is running a mid to high fever and has a cruddy cough.

His cousin E just has a loose tooth but feels the need to get as much attention for it as possible.

Me? I broke a nail. I bandaged it with special nail bandages. Tried glue. So far it's not really working. But maybe I should just cut them all off. You know, they do harbor germs.

My new best friend.


Swizz said...

Quick update: JMonster woke up this morning with a fever, too. UGH! It's only 101, and he's still a chipper little guy, but watching A yesterday makes me nervous for where this is going. He was MISERABLE.

Praying that this is a short-lived virus and won't interfere with our upcoming plans this week!

daflowers said...

welcome to a multi-child household!!!

PJ said...

Prayers for you and the whole clan!!!!

Swizz said...

So today is our first fever free day. Wahooo!!!! Maybe it was flu? Who knows.

JMonster says he LIKES being sick as long as it is a school day or a church day. He's only 3!