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Monday, January 4, 2010


Every night JMonster and I pray together before bed. We snuggle, pray, and I sing a few songs. As I prayed over him tonight I was reminded just how close our little ones are to God.

"Father, I pray that JMonster will grow up to be a man who follows you. I pray he will marry a girl who follows you, and that she is being raised in a family who loves you and will lead her..."

"Momma...who is she? What's her name?"

"Whose name? The girl you will marry? I don't know! Only God knows."

small pause...

another small pause...

"Momma, who is Alyssa?"

"Alyssa? I don't know an Alyssa. Who told you the name Alyssa?"

"My heart."

Do YOU know my future daughter-in-law Alyssa? I sure don't. But she's been laid on his little heart. :o)


Em said...

Oh my, how sweet is that!?

I too pray for my future DILs - no Alyssa's here, but I'll keep an eye out for her.

PJ said...

How sweet! I need to start praying for my future DIL, too - what a great idea!