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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Questions

Let's see if we can get a good roll going with the next question!

What was your favorite trip you ever took?
Who was it with?
What made it so special?

I can't wait to hear your answers!


Swizz said...

Mine was my honeymoon to Lake Louise, Canada. With my new hubby, of course! It was not the "typical" honeymoon...we hiked, went caving, and spent a lot of time outdoors in the snow and beauty of the area. I'd love to go back sometime!

PJ said...

How can I pick just one? I'd say a trip to Italy with a friend -- we stayed with her family and the trip was completely 'native' -- not touristy at all.

OR, my honeymoom to Bora Bora -- like you we spent a lot of time outdoors: snorkeling with the sea turtles, biking around the island, swimming with the sharks, wind surfing etc. and getting to know my new best friend even better!

Krause said...

Easy - in summer of '05, my family spent 2 months in Paris when I did an internship with a law firm there. The firm paid for my family's transportation and lodging (a beautiful furnished 3-bedroom apartment 2 blocks from the Paris Opera house).

We lived like locals - went to the grocery store every day and cooked our own meals and did laundry on weekends - and saw every part of Paris along the way without ever feeling rushed or like seeing one thing meant we would have to miss out on another. We watched the Bastille day parade and the final leg of the Tour de France from my office's balcony on the 6th floor above the Champs Elysees (that was Lance's record 7th consecutive and final victory, by the way). Then we took a ten-day car trip to the French Riviera, then over through northern Italy to Venice, and back to Paris again.

On my own dime, that 2 months would have cost over $15K (meaning of course that we never could have done it on our own dime). That was our family's trip of a lifetime.

backwoods conservative said...

Mine was the rambling road trip I took across Georgia a couple of years ago. I had taken the first of the four challenges in the Georgia State Park System's Canyon Climbers Club a month earlier by hiking to the top of Amicalola Falls. I completed two more on this trip by hiking to the bottom of Cloudland Canyon and exploring Providence Canyon. The floor of Cloudland Canyon with its waterfalls is the most beautiful place I've ever been.

I put about 1000 miles on my van that week without ever touching a freeway. That's the way I like to travel. I dream of someday traveling across the country using two-lane roads the whole way, but it's unlikely I'll ever have the means to do so.

BTW, I hiked Tallulah Gorge shortly after that trip to complete the Canyon Climbers Club Challenge. Not bad for a man who was pushing 50 and a hundred pounds overweight.

Swizz said...

We've been to Tallulah Falls and I think Amicalola Falls. Is that the one that has ALL of those stairs that go up next to the falls? And then you can stand at the top and look over? It's very beautiful. We stayed at a B&B near Tallulah Falls. They were nice as well.

Swizz said...

I have to say I'm jealous of the trips to Bora Bora and the long-term trip to Paris. I'd love to do both!

Baloney said...

Anguila when I was 7. It's in the virgin islands and at the time we were the only non-natives there. We even had to pump outside for water! It was the best family vacation -- ever!

backwoods conservative said...

Amicalola Falls has a 600 step staircase leading to the top of it. There are similar staircases leading down into Cloudland Canyon and Tallulah Gorge. The only one of the canyons that didn't involve stairs was Providence. I loved them all and would gladly climb any of them again, but Cloudland most of all.