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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I haven't officially made working out one of my New Year's resolutions. I'm trying not to fall into that trap...resolve, fail...resolve, fail...

We're going skiing in early February and I'm using THAT as my excuse to get off my tush and exercise. That and trying to fit back in my jeans. ;o)

One of the things I'm doing is our Wii Fit. We've had the Wii and Wii Fit for about a year, but our media room in Atlanta somehow didn't support the Wii. HUH? A projector TV with an 82" screen and we can't hook up the Wii? It was wrong.

Now we have a 25" dinosaur for a TV, but we can hook up the Wii and it works. Go figure.

And I am having a BLAST!!! I'm doing yoga, hula-hooping, and weight training. My tight-rope skills are improving, I can drop a rolling ball in a hole while the platform I'm "on" rotates and flexes, and I can do step-aerobics with the best of them!

It's been just over a week and I'm sore. And feeling like just maybe it's working.

Ski conditioning! (And maybe, just maybe, I'll fit into those jeans!)

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