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Monday, January 11, 2010

Healthcare & Massachusetts

We're down to the wire on this healthcare issue. The open seat left by Ted Kennedy is just SCREAMING for a conservative to take over. But will it happen? And if it does, will it happen in time?

If I were a nail biter, they'd be down to the quick right now.

Or maybe not. I don't trust those we have in leadership to do what's right. I don't trust politicians in general.

So, if Brown wins...will they certify the election in time? Would it be constitutional to withhold certification until the healthcare bill has passed?

I have a bad feeling about this one.

SIDE-NOTE: Read this today and lo and behold it sounds a lot like my thoughts. What do YOU think? (Other than "where have you been hiding your head? A kid's sandbox?" I've already admitted to being a political novice...I'm LEARNING people! Cut me some slack!)

Compassionate conservatism has been defined as the belief that conservatism and compassion complement each other. A compassionate conservative might see the social problems of the United States, such as health care or immigration, as issues that are better solved through cooperation with private companies, charities and religious institutions rather than directly through government departments. As former Bush chief speechwriter Michael Gerson put it, "Compassionate conservatism is the theory that the government should encourage the effective provision of social services without providing the service itself." as found on Wikipedia

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Krause said...

We already know what the Massachussetts democrats will do with this one if Brown wins - just look at what they did with the special election to begin with.

When Romney was in office and Kerry was running for President, Romney would have appointed a replacement for Kerry had he won. That wouldn't do for the MA democrats, so they changed the law to require a special election on a certain time frame, feeling confident that if the republican governor wouldn't serve their interests, the wildly liberal electorate surely would.

When Kennedy died, so did his heathcare vote, without which Obamacare couldn't pass the Senate. And by the new law they made themselves, the special election couldn't happen before the scheduled healthcare vote. Again, that wouldn't do for the MA democrats. So they changed the law again to allow the (now democratic) governor to appoint a temporary holder of the Senate seat until the special election.

So if Brown wins the special election before the health care vote, what do you think the MA democrats will do about his confirmation?