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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food allergies and Compensations for them...

According to the National Post out of Canada, Air Canada has been ordered to create a nut-free buffer zone on any flight where a passenger has given sufficient notice of a nut allergy.

JMonster has peanut and tree nut allergies. It's my job to keep him safe and protected from all things nut.

And yet I'm not sure how I feel about a company being ordered by the government to make such compensations for passengers. It's not a true disability. And the organization can't even guarantee that other passengers won't bring any nuts on the flight.

Part of me wants to jump up and down screaming "Yeah! One for the people with nut allergies!" while the other part of me cringes at such government oversight.

A side note: a friend of ours in Atlanta brings us nut free candy when she travels to Canada. Nestle has a nut free facility there so JMonster gets to eat things like Kit Kats, which he can't eat if they're manufactured here in the US.

This one will take some thought and pondering.

What do YOU think?


Em said...

Oh how I hear you. My Oldest has a peanut allergy (I've heard rumor of this magical candy from the North). We fly for the first time in July - worried. And with Youngest and PKU, it frustrates me when I have insurance fights over covering his diet, but then I get mad at the thought of him becoming dependent upon the government to provide it for him.

A quandary for sure.

Baloney said...

I heard about this. My only thought is that the airlines should just serve pretzels or another nut free alternate. Why alienate people? Seems like an easy fix and I'm not sure why they are determined to serve nuts.
I agree that it was weird for the government to mandate it tho.

PJ said...

It's such a catch-22; how can an airline even be sure that there won't be nuts on an airline? They can't. In which case, what's a mom to do - not fly? Still ... as unsure as it is, gov't oversight doesn't seem to be the answer.