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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Playing with the angels...

JMonster and I have been praying for this precious child, Layla Grace, who has been battling the fierce adversary of cancer. She had neuroblastoma. She fought valiantly. She was tougher than most adults would be, it seemed.

Today she gave up the fight and went to play with the angels.

JMonster wants to invite her family to his birthday party this weekend. In his sweet voice he asked me during prayers last night if he could send them an they could have some fun and not be sad. He then said we needed to send a second invitation to Heaven, so Layla could be there. I broke down and cried.

He was happy to hear today she is with Jesus now. Happy she isn't hurting. And very, very curious about death.

My heart breaks for Layla's family. For their friends.

Two is much too young.

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daflowers said...

Freddie the Leaf might help