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Monday, March 22, 2010

Infertility, adoption, and kiddos (part 8)

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Last time we chatted, I told you about the birth of our son JMonster. Boy was he cute!

JMonster yawning (just a few hours old)...
JMonster doing? He did this all the time!

We had such a wonderful time with him that we decided he needed siblings. The Rev and I have ALWAYS wanted a big family. We've just always wanted a house full!

So sometime around April of 2007, just after JMonster turned 1, we headed back to Texas to try for a second monster. At this point we had eight frozen embryos...frozen in pairs. We transferred two and crossed our fingers!

We got pregnant! But around week 4 I miscarried. No one knows why. My numbers had been very low, but they were very low with JMonster.

I didn't weep and moan like some people thought I would. I merely strengthened my resolve and decided we would try again in early summer.

In June we once again headed back to Texas. Back to our doc. Back to uncertainty.

We missed my cycle.

It was early by about 4 or 5 days...I'm fairly regular, so who woulda thunk?

I spend 4-6 weeks in Texas at the beginning of every summer, so we made the decision for JMonster and me to stick around M's house and try again. Boy, can you say PATIENCE?

I started early once again. This time 3 days.

I called the nurse and told her we were ready. She hemmed and hawed and told me she would have to call me back.


To make a long complicated story short (or at least shorter)...the embryologist at the clinic who thaws the embroys was going out of town to speak at a National Institute of Health conference. He wouldn't be there to thaw our embryos.


We had waited in town almost FOUR WEEKS and they couldn't do it?
I was angry.
Frustrated, sad, and angry.
And ready.

I got on the phone and called around to find a clinic that COULD do it.

My younger sister HA got on the phone with her clinic.

Come to find out later my doctor at our clinic also got on the phone to find someone who could do it.

We finally found an infertility clinic in Los Colinas, just outside of Dallas, who was willing to transfer the embryos to their clinic, thaw them, and transfer them into me, during a natural cycle.


We made all of the arrangements (it takes quite a bit of planning to ship frozen embryos!) and I headed to Dallas.

We had the pre-meeting with the doctor, me and my mother in law! He was a very nice man and was glad he could help out in such short notice.

He did an ultrasound and determined that all looked good for a transfer the next day.

My mother in law drove me to the clinic the next morning. She had to drive because I had taken the Valium you're required to have before a transfer. It was POURING, the traffic was horrible, and I was getting motion sick. NOT a good way to start what was supposed to be a wonderful day.

When we got to the clinic (LATE!) I realized that it was the exact day, 2 years later, that we had transferred 2 embryos that had resulted in JMonster! MUST be a good sign, right?

The doc did the transfer, with my mother in law watching on, and he said all went well. It was not an ultrasound guided transfer like I'd had in the past, but he said it wasn't necessary.


I did the put my hips in the air thing.

I didn't pick up JMonster for 2 weeks.

July 4th came and I just knew I wasn't pregnant. I stood in the driveway of my in laws and cried to The Rev over the phone as I watched the fire works.

The clinic called a few days later and confirmed what I knew. Not pregnant.

And only 2 frozen embryos left...


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Baloney said...

That's so sweet that your mother in law was there with you.