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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Infertility, adoption, and kiddos (part 6)

If you'd like a refresher or just need to catch up, go HERE, HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE. Go ahead. Take your time! We'll wait...

When we left off last the doc had transferred 2 embryos, it was June of 2005, and we were waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

While you wait you have to lie down. And not lift anything over 5 pounds.


After a couple weeks of shots my hiney started to get red. And swell. I told the nurse during one of my appointments and she said, "That sometimes happens."

"Like this?" And I showed her my backside.

"Ohhh...I think I need to get the doctor..."

I was allergic. To the shots. Actually, to the sesame seed oil that was the base for the shots. And it made a grapefruit size knot on my backside that was red. Like a tomato.

They stopped those shots. :o)

And gave me pills. :o(

BUT WE WERE PREGNANT! The nurse called and told me that my numbers were on the low side, but that we were definitely pregnant.

I have to admit, I was a bit sad. I'd hoped for twins. Both of my sisters had gotten pregnant with twins...why not me?

That lasted about 2 days.

Then I got sick. Horribly ill from the progesterone pills. They wanted my levels to be over 20...I was over 200. And couldn't get off the couch.

They stayed that way until August birthday. The nurse called and told me we could discontinue the progesterone. I sobbed with thanks. Literally sobbed. I'd been so miserable I couldn't think of a better birthday present!

I felt better within a day.

If only it had lasted...


The Martin Family said...

You're killing me with the installments! :) I love the story in such detail, but I hate waiting. Can't wait for more!!!

Swizz said...


If I wrote the whole thing in one post, no one would read it! Blog etiquette says to keep posts a readable length. ;o)

Just trying to have good manners!

I'll try and post one a week...that's better than I've been doing.

Baloney said...

That was a good birthday present!