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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Questions

For Olympic Lovers:

What is your favorite WINTER Olympic Sport?
What is your least favorite WINTER Olympic Sport?
And WHY!?!

I can't wait to read your answers!


backwoods conservative said...

I've always liked bobsledding. I don't watch the Olympics enough to have a least favorite.

PJ said...

I love them all! Most favorite is hard to pick ... biathlon or downhill skiing I think; ice skating is right up there. Least favorite = hockey. My husband's favorite is curling so I'm learning to appreciate it, but it's not on top for me.

Swizz said...

Me? I love the short course speed skating. Apolo Ohno rocks!

As for least favorite...some of the figure skating stuff is ridiculous. Kind of like a train can't stop watching, if only to see the fabulous falls.

And I LOVE curling! Although they haven't shown it on prime time this round. When ARE they showing it?

Johnny said...

I LOVE Figure Skating ... Just kiddin'

Has to be Snow Boarding. Shaun White is amazing!

PJ said...

We've been watching ALL the curling -- I think it's on CNBC or MSNB or maybe USA; it's hard for me to know, we just record it & watch what we want :)