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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happiness Award...

So, I'm finally getting around to giving this award back out. I think I'm supposed to list 10 things I love...she here goes my list without further ado (and not in any particular order, other than the first really is number one in my book!):

1. Jesus. Enough said. :o)
2. The Rev. He's the bestest friend anyone could have...and he's MINE!
3. JMonster. Who wouldn't love that cutie?
4. ALL of my family! Especially my sisters...and my nieces and nephews...okay...EVERYONE!
5. Snow!
6. Reading!
7. Ice cream!!!
8. Yummy smells...especially sandalwood, Bath & Body Works Black Amethyst, Gardenia, Quelques Fleurs.
9. Fun music I can sing out loud to.

And those I'm passing it along to:
1. My friend Pamela at Lyme is Crazy...she hangs in there even when life is way tough.
2. Em at Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit...she makes me laugh...and I don't even know her IRL!

Short list, I know. I have lost touch with a lot of blogs I used to read but these are two of the very few I still do...and most of the others wouldn't do this sort of thing. :o)

SO there you have it (Happy, Baloney?)! A list of things that make Swizz happy...


Baloney said...

I didn't know that snow made you happy! Guess you loved it yesterday.

Em said...

The guilt of not coming here and thanking you properly is killing me!

Lent commitment be damned. And me as well. Well, probably not. I imagine God would be happier with good manners. You would know better than me, I'm afraid :-)

Thank you, thank you sweet lady!! I'm so glad I make you laugh. I try. I try.

And yum, sandalwood, the best!

Thank you again. Now, shhhh, I'm going back into hiding again until Palm Sunday. You never saw me...