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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We should all be so loved...

This evening was gymnastics for Flower and E. They wanted me to take sister wanted me to take them.

JMonster did not.

"Please stay here, Mommy."

Big sad eyes looking up at me.

I tried to "persuade" him to let me go. If I stay HERE, then you have to give up...

In the end I ended up staying.

He gave up: snuggling with me for a week (he LOVES to do I), dessert and candy for a week, and he has to wear overalls every day for a week (he HATES overalls).

I was hoping we could nudge him over the edge into "okay, you can go and I'll stay and play soccer with A".

He ended up in overalls playing soccer in the backyard with A...while I fixed dinner in the kitchen.

How guilty do I feel?

And how loved...

For those of you out there wondering...OF COURSE I'm going to change the deal with him. I'll just offer him a new deal in exchange. Make this one not so harsh, but keep parental dignity at the same time. I just CAN'T hold him to all of those! He's only 3! I will say, he knows what he wants and he sticks to his gun!


Patterico said...

Good story . . . but I think you have to stick with the deal. It's tough but fair.

Swizz said...

You think? Awww...

He didn't complain at all about the overalls this morning.

He did ask if we can snuggle again...when he turns 4. I sure do love that little dude.

Swizz said...

I've stuck to the deal. He's handling it amazingly! And I have to say he looks too darn tootin' cute in those overalls. I'll have to take a picture and post it...he'll never want to wear them again (he wouldn't before this...I thought the overalls days were over!).