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Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Questions

Okay, this is a VERY random question. It comes from a call I got Thursday morning from my nephew Ryan. "Aunt Swizz, when I come to town for JMonster's birthday will you pull my loose tooth?" "Of Course I will!"

I've been praying ever since that the darn thing will fall out before then.

When it comes to loose teeth in elementary kiddos, are you a puller, a wiggler but not a puller, can watch but no touchie, or just plain squeamish about the whole darn topic?

I REALLY can't wait to read your answers!


Swizz said...

I happen to be pretty darn squeamish about the whole thing. I'll wiggle if required. Have been tricked into trying to pull. But reality is I can't stand teeth coming out since it seems so unnatural.

What do y'all think?

backwoods conservative said...

I can't recall anyone pulling my baby teeth but me. I think the kid should keep wiggling it. When the tooth is ready to come out, it will.