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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trauma Drama in the Swizz Household

Yesterday evening was one of those times you wish you could have a take-back on. A do-over like when we were kids.

JMonster was racing around the house pushing his Speed Racer car, with a small plastic spiderman driving. As he was racing the spiderman somehow came out of the car and got lodged under the car, causing the car to come to an instant stand still. JMonster didn't. He flew over the top of the car and stopped himself on the hardwood floor with his face. His mouth to be exact.

A relative who was visiting us at the time was sitting right next to where JMonster fell. She and The Rev both jumped up yelling, "Oh No!" and she grabbed him up in a bear hug. Two things told me this was bad. The Rev yelling something other than, "You're Okay!" which is his standard response to minor injury, and Patty saying anything at all. You see, Patty is a pediatrician...and a mother of 5. She's used to these types of things.

After careful inspection we realized that JMonster had: bonked his nose, but it was barely bleeding. Split his lip, which was bleeding but not gushing. And knocked his two front teeth loose. One of which was VERY loose and causing me more than a little bit of panic.

Don't panic...that's orange popsicle on his chin! Do notice the dark purple around his gum lines...that's BAD.

Patty suggested we call his dentist (Thank God for Dr. Bates!), so I did. She calmed me down and told me all would be well and to bring him in before her office opened in the morning.

We had a wonderful visit with her this morning. The x-rays showed a slight fracture above the gumline on the loosest tooth, but Dr. Bates thinks his teeth will heal nicely and all will be well. We have to watch them closely, feed him soft foods for a week, and keep him from knocking those teeth any looser.

I still have a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I'm not one that tends to panic or over-react (The Rev was very calm and took control...Go Rev!) , but this one was just a little too much for me. It involved teeth, and for whatever reason (call it vanity, call it pride...) teeth are just one of those things that make me nervous. I've always worried I'd hit my mouth and knock a tooth out. Or that JMonster would do the same.

Hmmmm...maybe this is another small lesson in letting go.


Little Sis said...

I hope little man is feeling better!! I have a big fear of my kiddos falling too. Maybe because I busted my face while running? Give him hugs for me.

Johnny said...

Love ya buddy!

Baloney said...

Poor guy. I get to see everyone's kids' knocked teeth! They all come on over to have the Doc check them out. :)