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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

JMonster goes to the Dentist for the First Time!

We were on our way home from the Aquarium (yes, we just went a couple of weeks ago!) when I decided to stop at the pediatric dentist I had found online. I thought making the appointment in person would allow JMonster to see the office at least once before he had to go for his big appointment.

Mind you, it was around 1:00pm and JMonster hadn't had lunch, yet.

We found the building and went inside. "THIS is my dentist?" he asked, with the cutest voice and sounding very excited. There were toys everywhere, the walls were painted with adorable murals, and a Disney movie was playing on a plasma TV. "Yes, this is going to be YOUR dentist!" I said as I walked up to the registration counter.

After a bit of discussion, the receptionist said we could get in to get his teeth cleaned RIGHT THEN. Oh, boy. No lunch. No preparation. "JMonster, do you want to do this NOW or tomorrow?" I figured I'd give him the final say.

"RIGHT NOW, Mommy!"

So we went back and had his teeth "tickled" and counted and he did a wonderful job. They even took "pictures" of his teeth and he was a champ!

Unfortunately, since this was not a planned event...I DID NOT HAVE MY CAMERA. :o(

Next time.

But until then...
JMonster had his first trip to the dentist! And he did great!

(He was excited he got a Diego toothbrush and some "kid" toothpaste for his prizes!)


backwoods conservative said...

I guess times are changing. My baby teeth never met a dentist.

Shanda said...

Too cute! My kids still LOVE going to the dentist - they get balloons and stickers and get to watch kid T.V. while they get their teeth cleaned. I remember sitting in a semi colorless room just counting the minutes until I was finished...oh have times changed!

Glad his first experience went so well!

Swizz said...

The new pediatric experience really is so different! I did go to the dentist when I was young, but he had a COKE MACHINE with FREE COKES in the waiting room. Seriously! The cute little bottles we couldn't get anywhere else.

Even getting fluoride is great now! I remember swishing for 2 minutes while staring at that horrible egg timer. Now they just paint it on, suction, and voila you're done!

Baloney said...

If they start handing out gummy bears and tootsie rolls then RUN.
Isn't it funny how excited we get about a new toothbrush?! Craziness.

Julie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! Can I just tell you that I am amazed at dentistry in the states for kids. oh my, if I take my kiddos here and then back in america, they will be disappointed that they will have to do most of it here in Hungary! ha ha. Wow. that is awesome! Thanks again!!!

Cammie said...

cool dentist office!!
Thanks for popping over to say hi!