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Sunday, April 12, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes...

Tonight, as I snuggled with JMonster, I read to him from his children's picture Bible.  I thought it appropriate to read about Easter, but began with the page prior to it where Jesus is on the cross.  (We hadn't been able to read his Bible for a couple of nights because of how late he was going to we hadn't done our Good Friday reading.)

We had friends over for dinner and were sitting in the living room talking after we put JMonster down for bed.  We heard JMonster talking and assumed he was calling for us, so The Rev went up to check on him.  This is the story he told us when he returned.

"I went into his room and JMonster looked up at me and asked why I was coming in his room.  I told him that we thought he had called us and he said, No.  I didn't call you.  I was praying. 
The Rev:  Oh really?  What were you praying for? 
JMonster:  I was praying for someone who died. 
The Rev:  Who died buddy? 
JMonster:  Jesus died, Daddy.  And there were nails... and a cross...and blood.  And nails are BAD.  And the cross is BAD.  And blood is BAD.
The Rev:  Oh.
Jmonster:  But God came and took the nails away.  And then He gave Jesus a bed."

What a sweet, sweet sound it is to hear a child pray when you put them to bed. How much more powerful is it when you find out they are praying ON THEIR OWN, and for things you didn't even suggest they pray for.

Lord, thank you for the sweet reminder of the faith of a child. Amen


Kim said...

That is so neat! I love to hear my girls pray.

Me said...

There is nothing like the sweet purity of a child! Thanks for sharing this story!