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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Whose choice should it be?

I was just perusing the internet and came across an article discussing a court case in London. The article discussed the rights of parents to make the ultimate medical decision for their keep the child on life support indefinitely, or be forced to "pull the plug".

The High Court ruled that the ventilator keeping a 9 month old boy alive was to be turned off. A ruling counter to the desires of his parents.

Doctors treating him had said the boy's life was intolerable and his disability was such that his life had little purpose. But his parents argued that he experienced pleasure and had long periods when he was relaxed and pain-free.

During a 10-day High Court hearing in London last month, footage had been shown in which Baby OT was seen being cuddled and kissed by his parents. The child, who was in a cot filled with toy teddy bears, was shown sucking his mother's finger as she sang to him and stroked his head.

However, a doctor, identified only by the initial C, had told the hearing that he was certain Baby OT would be dead by the age of five. "What we are looking at is the quality of his life," he said. "Yes, I can understand that the parents may get tremendous pleasure from their interaction with him," the doctor said, but added: "How much pain and suffering should he be made to bear when the pleasures he gets from life are few and far between?"

This is not a US case, but the idea that a parent's decision for their child is not the FINAL decision is intolerable to me. Read the whole story, and then give me your opinion.

I pray this is not where THIS country is headed.

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