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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something to think about...

This story goes back a couple of months, but I wasn't blogging at the time and it just re-entered my mind. A reminder of the innocence of youth...

JMonster and I were driving from his swimming lessons to BJ's, a warehouse store similar to Sam's Club or Costco. On our way we passed a young woman walking at the side of the road. She wasn't wearing exercise clothes and she was carrying a large purse and another bag besides, so I assumed she was headed somewhere for work. I passed her, but then realized how far we were from anything resembling a least 1.5 - 2 miles. I backed up and asked her if she needed a ride.

I know, I know! My baby was in the car and there are crazy people in this world, but if we can't be the hands and feet of Jesus, who will?

She jumped at the chance and climbed into the passenger seat. After a couple of miles, she had me turn into a small montessori school. Mind you those couple of miles were filled with HUGE hills; we DO live in Atlanta! Along the way, though, she told me her car had been wrecked and she didn't have another way to get to work. When I dropped her off she was about 10 minutes early; she would NEVER have made it to work on time. She thanked us, and went inside.

After we pulled away from the building and began our drive to BJ's, JMonster asked, "Mommy, why did we give her a ride?" I explained that her car was broken and that she was having to walk to work. You could see his little forehead furrow and the concern for her in his eyes.

"Mommy. We should buy her a new car. Her car is broken, so we should buy her a new one."

At that, my eyes filled with tears at the kind heart my little boy has. I pray he never loses it.


Me said...

So sweet! I wish we could bottle of the sweetness and compassion of a child to drink later in life..when we are cold and callus to the world and need a reminder of who we are and whence we came!

Swizz said...

I know. Or, when they are driving you absolutely BONKERS and need a reminder of how good they are when they are being good!