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Friday, March 20, 2009


When The Rev and I got married, we had the discussion that most couples planning on having kids in the future have...DISCIPLINE! In fact, we had it all lined out that our discipline would consist of the following characteristics:
1. Be Firm
2. Be Fair
3. Be Consistent

We even got down to the spanking issue, which I have to admit I can't remember what we decided back then. I've always thought I'd be a spanker, but honestly draw a blank on that part of our conversations.

JMonster has hit a rough patch in his growing up. He is struggling with independence, and wants to assert the fact that he is a BIG BOY in every aspect of our day. He wants to get his own breakfast, get dressed by himself (he's not physically capable of this, yet), decide when and what he snacks on, lunch...etc... If he doesn't like something that The Rev or I tell him, he will emphatically tell us he is NOT doing/eating/saying whatever we have told him to and with hands on hips and eyes not blinking dare us to counter him.

We've put him in time out. We've taken away things. And now, the child who has rarely been in trouble in the past, has gotten a spanking.

And I thought the TWOs were going to be terrible. No one warned me about the THREEs!

1 comment:

Baloney said...

Marianne didn't warn you? Three is the hardest! You'll muck through it like the rest of us. :)