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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am the coupon queen. I buy 2 Sunday papers (almost) every week, cut out the coupons I need, then switch sets with 2 of my friends in the neighborhood. I use coupons for groceries, I use coupons for house staples, and I use coupons for eating out.

Once upon a time I was embarrassed by coupons. My mom (and if you're reading this mom, sorry for outing you!) was a huge coupon clipper...except she kept PILES and PILES of coupons around the house. And God forbid if you moved one of those piles. You might lose a limb...or two!

I'm not as bad as my mom was, though. I try to go through them on Monday and then get them to one of the girls soon after that. I even try once every 2 or so months to go through ALL of my coupons to throw out any that have expired. Good organization, right?

My favorite thing about coupons, other than stores that double or triple them!, is using them at BJ's!! BJ's will take more than one manufacturers coupon plus one of their own coupons on a product. Wahoo! Score! I can leave BJ's for 1/4-1/2 off of my bill on a good day. On a bad day, I'll leave around $10 or so off...but those are the days I'm mostly buying produce and other items that don't have coupons.

There are some amazing coupon sites out there for printing and cutting coupons. I'm just getting into one that puts coupons on your store card (i.e. your Kroger Plus card) and you use them straight from the card. No printing and no clipping.

And let's not forget Walgreens rebates! They put out a coupon book once every month and a half or so. It ALWAYS has free items in it, plus a host of other items at a fraction of their retail cost. Add some manufacturers coupons in plus 10% for putting your rebates on a Walgreens card and they PAY YOU to walk out of their store with great items!

Am I a coupon nerd? No. I'm the COUPON QUEEN!

The Money You could be Saving with...COUPONS!


backwoods conservative said...

My use of coupons is rare and usually involves pizza.

Swizz said...

I'm not one to try and sway you on's a lot of work! But, if you do it right and enjoy the thrill of the great buy then you'd find coupons rewarding.

Or, if your budget just won't keep up with the types of foods, etc, you want to have...that's a good reason, too!

What I save in coupons helps me to afford the organic milk and fruits and veggies. Even some organic meats. If I save big on other things then these things become doable!

backwoods conservative said...

I can understand frugality.It's just not a virtue I'm very well blessed with.

Baloney said...

You have way to much time on your hands.
But... thank you. You've inspired a future blog for me regarding coupons.

Swizz said...

Glad to help, Baloney!

And being frugal was beaten into me as a kid. Just kidding, we just didn't have money.

Now, The Rev is going out on his own (non-profit consulting) and we are going to be tightening the belt, so to speak...