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Monday, March 16, 2009

Puppy love!

The grandmas leave tomorrow, so we took our last evening and went to dinner at a local italian restaurant. Our waitress was Katie, a cute young blonde that JMonster took a liking to the moment he saw her.

"Where did Katie go?" was the refrain of the evening...every time she happened to step away from the table. "Where is she?"

Somewhere toward the end of the meal we figured out that Katie had a 9 week old baby...and was married.

"Why is Katie married?" "But, why does she LOVE him?" looking crestfallen like his little heart had been ripped from his very chest. These two were repeated at least 10 times the last 5 minutes. He finally stopped Katie when she walked by and asked HER.

"Katie, why are you married? Do you HAVE to be married? (Head hanging down and lips pouting) But WHY?!?"

My now 3 year old just had his first crush...and his first broken heart. All in the span of a dinner.

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