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Monday, June 8, 2009

Swimming Lessons

I'm starting a new/old job today. For approximately 20 years I've taught swimming lessons off and on. More off the past few years, but I've kept up with trends and techniques and am excited to get back into the swing of teaching.

With The Rev starting his own business, we've decided I need to help out with income for the next little bit. This will help us take the pressure off of him while he is out making contacts and networking for new clients.

And after the drowning a couple of weeks ago, I'm on a mission to teach as many kiddos survival swimming as I can!

Wish me luck! I promise to wear my sunscreen. ;0)


backwoods conservative said...

I remember learning to swim at summer camp when I was 9 years old. They had us wear ski belts. That worked real well. It gave enough buoyancy at my midsection that I was able to stay afloat while learning the strokes.

There were two swimming areas. One was for the little kids who were just learning to swim, the other was for the big kids who already knew how. To graduate to the big kids swimming area, it was necessary to swim a lap around the dock in kiddie area without a flotation device. I tried and didn't make it; I got some water in my throat and had to grab the dock while I got rid of it.

I look back at that and marvel that I tried to move up like that just a few days after starting lessons. Camp only lasted a week. I did get one distinction, however. I became the only kid in the kiddie section allowed to swim without his ski belt. It was a proud moment for me when another kid hollered at the lifeguard, "He doesn't have his ski belt on!" pointing at me. The lifeguard looked around, saw it was me, and said, "He doesn't need one."

Baloney said...

That pool is gorgeous!
Hope you get lots of kiddos swimming this summer.
Glad you are wearing your sunscreen.

Kim said...

Wish I was there so I could send my kids to you for swimming lessons. My little Abby is afraid of the water a little. However, her sister can swim like a fish.

I'm sure you are a great swim teacher!

BTW...Steven did start his own company and we got our first contract! Yay! Will be praying for the Rev to find new clients easily!