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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Date Day

Before I begin...
to all Daddy's out there!

Yesterday was the official day...DATE DAY with Mommy and JMonster. We spent the entire day together doing what he wanted to do. I even let him skip his nap. That's a HUGE deal in our house!

We started out the day at the pool swimming and having a picnic lunch. It was beautiful weather, a beautiful pool, and we had a wonderful time.

After that we went back to the house and got ready for the afternoon. Our afternoon began at the mall (remember, HIS choice!) where we found a Chuck E Cheese to hang out in. Despite his sensory issues, he had a GREAT time running around "playing" games and watching others play. We then walked around the mall (when we walked in the front door he YELLED, "Momma! It's an AMERICA mall!" There was a huge American flag painted floor to ceiling on one a cute pic with my phone I'll try and download later), got a milkshake, and hung out in the indoor playground.

We tried to find an outdoor mall his Uncle Paul had told us has a huge outdoor fountain that kids go ga-ga over, but we never found the fountain. Must not have been on.

UP! was the late afternoon choice! 3D movies are interesting with 3 year olds, especially when the glasses are too big and the seats keep flipping up. But, talking dogs and lots of balloons prevailed and we both had a wonderful experience.

We met up with my sister and her family at a small 50's style diner on the edge of town. Yummy food and great ambience! Metal buildings tend to echo a lot, though, and 4 young kids make a LOT of noise!

Our day ended with a haircut and outdoor "shower". I cut JMonster's hair myself...I use clippers, scissors, and blending shears. I didn't bring my stuff with me, though, so I used my sister's clippers and blending shears. Her clippers (really a beard trimmer) would NOT cut through his hair. Mind you the child had not had a haircut in a few months and he has thick very fine hair. After about 20 minutes we had a frustrated boy who wanted to be finished but looked like he had mange. That's when I got the brilliant idea of getting out the dog shears. They're meant for thick hair, right? And The Rev had told JMonster he could cut his hair like his (The Rev is bald right now). The rest of the haircut took approximately 4 minutes. Those dog shears worked!

His outdoor shower consisted of all 4 kids getting naked and running around in the hose on the front driveway. It is a private drive blocked by trees so no one can actually see the Clampetts and their WT kids! We shampooed and soaped them right there in front of the house. They LOVED it!

JMonster now looks adorable with a buzz cut. The Rev, despite telling JMonster he could have a short hair cut, is going to kill me. Sorry hon!

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Baloney said...

awwwww - skipping nap IS a big deal!
Sounds like date day was a success!