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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hugs and Kisses

The Rev is still in Atlanta getting the house ready to sell and finishing up his job. It could be a short time, it could be a long time. We don't know.

In order to make it through somewhat sanely, we call Daddy every night before JMonster goes to bed. It's usually very short and goes something like this, "I love you Daddy. Goodnight. I'm finished..." and he hands the phone back to me.

Not last night.

Last night JMonster kept kissing the phone and telling The Rev that he was sending him LOTS and LOTS of kisses and hugs. It went on for minutes! When he was done he handed the phone to me and sat there while I was finishing the conversation. Just as I was about to hang up, JMonster started whispering something. The Rev was also trying to talk so he asked me if I was paying attention. I told The Rev that JMonster was trying to whisper something to me and to hold on for just a sec.

"What is it buddy?"

(In a whisper)"Did all of my hugs and kisses make it there? Did Daddy get all of them?"

(LONG sniff) "JMonster wants to know if all of his hugs and kisses made it to you."

(Another long sniff, this one from The Rev) "Tell him YES they did. And give him a bunch from me. Tell him I gave them to you for you to give to him."

So after I hung up I kissed and hugged JMonster for what felt like forever. He laughed and giggled and then asked for a story.

Part way through the story he asked for one more kiss...a late arriving one from Daddy.

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Johnny said...

Thank you ... I love you both ...