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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Girl's Night Out (Okay, make that WEEKEND!)

Some friends from high school, as well as my twin sister M, are going on a girl's weekend in mid July. Why am I writing about it now? Because I've been SO busy and SO out of touch that the idea of even a teeny tiny break is making me overjoyed with excitement!

I've never been on a girl's weekend. Our younger sister, HA, has done a girl's weekend every year since college. Me...never!

What am I looking forward to (besides uninterrupted sleep and getting to sleep in without any guilt...see the theme?)? Lots and lots of hang time with some of the coolest girls I know! I don't know much about the plans, but I do know we'll be kid free and enjoying it.



Baloney said...

Last year was my first "girls weekend" and I'm so excited to have a repeat!
We are gonna have fun. That's the plan. :)

Kim said...

Can't wait for you to join us! I can't wait to see you both!