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Monday, June 8, 2009

#@$%!& Dog!

I spent the better part of my morning at the Verizon store getting a new cell phone. It took a little longer since I was previously a Sprint customer. The reason I had to get a new cell?

My sister's dog, Skittles. I won't post his picture since it'll be like putting a bullseye on him.

If you hear about a missing Skittles, don't look at me...


backwoods conservative said...

Strange coincidence. I have to replace my cellphone too. In my case it was just a matter of I dropped it one time too many.

Baloney said...

As a dog owner, I'm only giving you a little sympathy.
Doodle hasn't destroyed anything yet but I still warn everyone to put NOTHING on the floor or within his reach that they want to keep. ;)
But that really does suck about the phone.

backwoods conservative said...

I got my new phone. I like the new one better. I use the Tracfone prepaid phones. My old one was a Motorola flip phone with an antenna sticking up that I always worried about breaking. My new one is also a Motorola flip phone but without the antenna, much easier to slip into a pocket or whatever.

Breaking the old phone may have been a blessing in disguise.

Kim said...

Wow!Did Skittles ingest some of the phone?

Swizz said...

So I got my new phone and am slowly adjusting. I flips open to the side so you can type texts easier, which is actually good for me since The Rev and I text throughout the day.

I'm STILL trying to gather phone numbers! What a pain.

And Baloney, I did leave it on a table outside. The dogs were locked up at the time and I just plain forgot. I'm allergic to dogs, and so is JMonster, so my feelings toward them are already low. ;o) Now Skittles is on my poopie list!