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Friday, June 26, 2009


On Tuesday we had one of those days you just wish to be over. I was extremely busy with swimming lessons, came home for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then went back in the evening. During the afternoon break JMonster decided to jump off of the ottoman in the living room. (Mind you, he'd been getting into trouble for days for jumping ON the furniture!) I was in the back bedroom doing E's hair for gymnastics, so I didn't see the jump, but I immediately heard screaming and P came down the hall carrying JMonster. "He hurt his foot jumping off of the ottoman," he said and passed him over to me. P is an ER doc so I assumed it must not have been THAT bad since he's handing him over.

I checked him out, got him a "boo boo bunny" and went to get ready for my afternoon lessons. JMonster came to watch and talk and sat on his stool. (In the meantime P left for work and M was off getting her hair cut.) I started getting ready and JMonster got bored so he got up from the stool to go play. Screaming and sobbing ensued as he tried to walk. Not good.

I picked him up and carried him to the living room where I plopped him down in a chair so I could finish getting ready. I walked back toward my room, getting about halfway, when I hear A screaming. He's grabbing his hand and jumping up and down. "What happened!?!" I yelled and started running toward him. He ran toward me, holding his breath (he's done this since he was born) and starting to turn blue. I knocked him on the back to try and make him didn't work. By the time he got to me his lips were very blue, his fingers were blue, and he passed out. Now I have one injured child in a chair, one injured child laying on the floor, and I'm the lone adult in the house...and did I mention I'm supposed to be getting ready for swimming lessons?

A comes to and I get HIM a "boo boo bunny" and go finish getting ready.

Wednesday morning I took JMonster to the local ER's clinic and get his foot x-rayed. No breaks, just a bad sprain. Not sure which would have been better! Bones heal pretty neatly and quickly. Soft tissue...not so much.

A's fingers are fine. He just bent them backwards pushing a car around on the carpet (sound familiar? That's how JMonster knocked his 2 front teeth loose!). No long term damage.

The funny follow-up to the story is that A, who is now 6, broke HIS foot jumping off that very same ottoman when he was 3. Hmmm...


backwoods conservative said...

Some years ago I took a shortcut over a chain link fence rather than go to the gate 200 yards away. I figured climbing over would save me some walking. It did. I didn't walk again for two months. (broken heelbone)

Baloney said...

A B C D & E... they all need some names Swizz!
Glad everyone is okay. :)

Swizz said...

Any suggestions? I'll have to ponder this. If I let them know what they'll be then they'll just fight me on it, just like JMonster did! :o)

Anonymous said...

you missed one victim with long term damage... the lone adult.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Better names? Well, if you're changing their names to protect the innocent (or their innocence?) why not have some fun...

Anklebiter 1, 2, 3
Future J.D.
The Negotiator
The Hall Monitor
Mr. Obvious
Miss Play-by-play
The Narrator
The Dribbler
Motor Mouth
He Who Tastes Everything
Pigtailed Hooligan
King of the Hill
The Inquisitor
Chief Fall-a-Lot
Princess Babbling Brook
Precocious Princess
Henchmen #1
Lip Quiverer
Running Nose
Mr. Flop & Flail

...come on, have a 'rita and get creative :P