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Thursday, April 8, 2010


No, you don't need to bless me. I didn't sneeze.
I'm just talking about something GREAT we've just discovered in our house...

Zoodles Kid's Browser

"Our goal is to give kids a safe place to play and learn online. We knew that we couldn’t just give kids a typical browser and send them off to explore. Most sites today are way too complicated for young kids to navigate on their own, and they don’t provide enough safety from all the bad stuff lurking on the web.

So, we started from scratch. We built a FREE browser, especially for kids, that makes it simple for them to find lots of fun activities – all by themselves. By launching the icon on your desktop, your child will enter a full-screen mode of Zoodles that will keep them from exiting out and finding inappropriate content or accidentally deleting your important files."

Zoodles makes playing on the internet SAFE for kids AND for the COMPUTER! Kids can play age appropriate games, by themselves, while you don't have to fear them disturbing your files or computer content. They can't get to anything other than ZOODLES!

Don't they look like such big kids?


Swizz said...

I tweeted about Zoodles and they started following me. How cool is that!?!

Baloney said...

I'll be checking this out!

Lee Vandeman said...

Hi Swizz!!! I wanted to email you but your profile has no-reply on it! Did you know that? Anyway - guess what?? Happy Saturday!! I had to choose ONE more winner for The Squeakquel DVD after one person said they didn't want it and picked you! It really did! I wanted you to win and was sad when your number was NOT one of the first five. But then it came up after I got to choose one more winner!! So email me your info okay?

AND I am going to check out Zoodles. Sounds just perfect for my kids!! It's a win-win over here!

Happy Weekend!