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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Could it REALLY be Thursday again!?! I would swear (you shouldn't swear, Swizz, it's considered impolite and could be construed as a sin in most circles) that I just did my Thursday post. Didn't I?

Things I am thankful for this week:
1. Bluebonnets! They are everywhere right now.
2. Being chosen. God chose me. Little old me. And I'm glad He did.
3. Friends. My friends have been wonderful support this week, both new and old friends.
4. The Rev. He's been traveling a lot lately, and yet he does an amazing job of supporting me when he is here.
5. Modern travel. After seeing the train earlier this week, it reminded me that in times past people had to take days, weeks, and even months to travel distances we travel in minutes and hours. For that I am extremely grateful!

What are YOU thankful for this week?

1 comment:

backwoods conservative said...

I'm grateful for having a job and being in reasonably good health.

BTW, I earn my living shuttling freight train crews around. I'm around trains all the time, but I'm not as fascinated by them as the railbuffs I see hanging out at the depot.