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Friday, April 2, 2010

JMonster's 4th birthday in pics

We spent JMonster's birthday traveling around the local area. We visited a rose emporium, ate lunch at the Brenham airport where they have a 50's style diner, and then headed to the river and Washington on the Brazos. Many of the family were there (there were 15 of us total!)...and the kids were happy and exhausted at the end of the day. Enjoy the pics!

In the car, looking cool on the way to the Rose Emporium...

"Bottle Bush"...not to be confused with a Bottle Brush Bush, which is a real bush!

JMonster and Ry Ry running on the mazes

Jmonster and Jewels peeking in an old schoolhouse.

Trying to get 7 kiddos to smile...all at the same time!?!

JMonster had a BALL on the swing at the Emporium!


Watching the plane take off...A wanted everyone to know that JMonster is now FOUR!

A cool plane at the Brenham Airport. It was *that* close!

Cousins running at Washington on the Brazos.

Jewels and Ry Ry acting tough!

I absolutely ADORE this picture.

Aunt Bambi

Baby C

Swizz and The Rev

The Grandmas!


Bean telling me how to take the picture. Typical!

JMonster enjoying his birthday, monkey style.

My boys.

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