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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Questions

Okay, this one truly is a random question. It comes from reading blogs and following people on twitter, as much as it does from every day real life...

Would you rather be around someone who makes their whole life out to be perfect, who makes their whole life out to be a series of tragic events, or who tells it like it is?

I just know there are people who enjoy all 3 types of friends...which do YOU find yourself drawn to?


backwoods conservative said...

I can definitely rule out the second one because I can't stand pessimists or chronic bellyachers. The first one would probably be easier to listen to if they were modest enough to not brag about it too much. As for the third, how many of us can be objective enough to see how it really is?

Swizz said...

I have to admit I'm drawn to people who are willing to share both the ups and the downs. I have a couple of friends, who will remain nameless, whose lives appear to be fairy tales (if you believe their FB status updates and tweets). Everything is PERFECT. Makes me think their glasses need a bit of shining.

Not that life can't be wonderful, don't get me wrong. I just feel like life is wonderful BECAUSE there are ups and downs.