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Saturday, May 23, 2009

When it rains, it pours!

Don't read this post if talk of poop or throw-up gives you the willies. You've been forewarned!

JMonster told me when we got to preschool yesterday for our teacher workday that he needed to poopie. He went, I wiped, and then noticed that his poop was WHITE. Looked like white clay or white play-doh. Hmmm...that didn't seem right. I went and got the school nurse who looked at it and said, "I've never seen anything like that before! Let's see what his next one looks like and then call his pediatrician if it continues."

Didn't think about it much all day. He ran around like a wild man, as usual, and acted pretty normal. Called the brother-in-law who is the ER doc and asked him what HE thought. "Well, that means there is no bile in the poop. It can mean nothing, or it can mean something is wrong with his liver, gallbladder, etc."


Went to bed around midnight. Around 4:30am JMonster strolls into our bedroom and announces he has a tummy ache. "But, I'm okay Mommy." Very matter of fact. Then he crawls up into our bed and lays there for the rest of the night NOT SLEEPING. He started moaning that he needs Benadryl (his everything for medicine), then began to cry, then sob that he needs a doctor.

Around 7:00am, give or take, he decided he needed to poop again. We went into the bathroom where he proceeded to throw up all over everything.

Called the doctor THREE times over a period of 45 minutes and finally got a call back. They had office hours today so he wanted to see him during those hours.

After all of that, the official news is that JMonster has a stomach flu which has given him a touch of hepatitis. Seriously. We are to watch him to be sure he doesn't have any more bouts of white poop, but other than that just bland foods and time.

Funny thing is, when the doc said no greasy food, JMonster actually got upset that he wouldn't get a cheeseburger for lunch. Go figure.


Kim said...

uhh! Poor little guy! I have to say I've never ever seen white poop either. Now I will know if my girls run into this.

Also, when my girls were 1 and I think Abby was 8 or 9 months, they got a parasite called Giardia. Steven was out of town and I was at the end of my rope. It soon passed with antibiotics, but was not fun at ALL especially when you have 1 in diapers and one potty training! Hang in there!

Swizz said...

And not to complain, but now I'M sick... Very sore throat and feel feverish. Did I pick this up at the docs this morning? Hmmmm...

Baloney said...

I thought we had bad poop issues this week. Yikes!
Sorry to hear that Swizz.
Hope he heals quickly and you are feeling better soon.

DRJ said...

What a shame ... and bad timing, too. I hope you all feel better soon.

Has your pediatrician screened JM for celiac disease?

Swizz said...

Sorry for not posting anything the last day or so. I ran a high fever all day yesterday and am spending my day today running to the bathroom. Hope this bathroom time is my body's way of expelling this virus, or whatever it is, from my body! I'm ready for us all to be healthy again!

DRJ- they did a bunch of tests when JMonster was first diagnosed as peanut/tree nut allergic, but I don't think there was a celiac test done. He doesn't seem to have wheat issues, but I guess you can never tell since it's in the gut and not a typical allergic reaction. I'll ask the doc!

DRJ said...

It's probably not necessary. I was just curious since there are allergy issues involved.

It sounds like you've had a tough bout with that flu bug or whatever it was. Hopefully everyone will feel better soon.