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Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

Swizz's Mother & JMonster when he was a newborn!

We are not only celebrating Mother's DAY in our house, we are celebrating Mother's WEEKEND. As it should be! :o)

For all of you mothers out there:




And to all of you dads out there, she may not be YOUR mother, but she is the mother of your kiddo(s). Do something special for that wonderful lady in your life. And then go do something special for your mother!


DRJ said...

Happy Mother's Day! I think it's the best job in the world.

eucher said...

Well I can't walk away from a double dog dare ... Happy Mother's Day from a fan of both Patterico and JMonster

Em said...

I got to wake up to a huge, handmade Mother's Day card given to me by my 6-year-old.

It really cannot get any better.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Swizz said...

I actually got to SLEEP IN! Wahoo! And go buy flowers for the front, and spend time with my boys. Great day.

DRJ- I just saw this message but left one for you on patterico...SO glad you are back. And thanks for reading here, as well!

eucher- I'm a fan of both as well!

em- I agree. We have the best jobs in the whole world.

kimsch said...

Happy Mothers' Day! I got to see Star Trek with my kids. And lunch at Chili's with a Cosmo for Mom.

The Little Guy presented me with a framed crayon and watercolor painting (glass on it too). I have to hang that one prominently.