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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stressed? Who, me?

So, we have 2 weeks and 3 days until the move. And I have ONE box packed and stuff everywhere!

The 8th grader I'm tutoring has his exams this week, with the big science one on Friday. I'll be tutoring today for 2 hours, and then several hours throughout the week.

School ends this week, and on top of that how many birthdays/get togethers are there?

And on top of that, some of what I need to do to get the house ready is outside. And it looks like it is going to rain until we need to build another ark. Ugh.

Stressed? Who ME?


Baloney said...

Where exactly are you moving to, Ms Swizz? You haven't said specifically.

It will all get done.
Take a deep breath. :)

DRJ said...

My family moved a lot when I was young and it can be really stressful. We eventually learned to focus on throwing things out that we didn't use, and even some things we did use but not that often. It not only made the move cheaper but it made the unpacking easier and we rarely missed the things we'd thrown out. Finally, think about having a garage sale before you move. The extra cash will really come in handy, probably a lot more handy than another 10 boxes to unpack.

Swizz said...

College Station, Tejas!

And DRJ, we are having a garage sale next Saturday...and we had one a few weeks ago, and I sold a bunch of stuff at a consignment sale. AND I gave some stuff to a neighbor friend. Whew! This cleaning out stuff is tuff!

PJ said...

Argh - movng is so stressful! Just make a plan and then take it one day at a time ... you'll get it done :)

DRJ said...

The best thing about stressful experiences is that time keeps on moving so it will be over soon. You have family in Texas, right? Just focus on how nice it will be to move closer to your family. And as one Texan to another, welcome home!