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Saturday, May 16, 2009

3 month anniversary!

Okay, so I won't announce EVERY month that goes by since I started my blog, but since I'm so darn busy these days I needed a nice easy topic. And this is it!


Since you were started (and actually since I got sitemeter which was a few weeks into this whole deal), you have:

...1670 visits
...2360 page reads
...visitors from: all over the world, including most of the US, Germany, Israel, Thailand, Canada, and the UK to name a few.

Remember, sitemeter "misses" some of your viewers who use Google Reader or other readers to view you. But don't worry! We're not counting.


Baloney said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Dana said...

Congratulations! I always enjoy reading your posts. Eclectic and fun.

Swizz said...

Thank you!!!!

Kim said...

Swizz, how do you track whose looked at your blog?

Swizz said...

Sitemeter, although it's frustrating because someone will tell me they visited or will leave a message and they won't show up. So, I'm not sure why I check it or care since it's not even accurate!

I tried feedburner, but it was even less accurate I thought.

Oh well! It's just fun to see people visiting!